There NEEDS to be a crash course on greifers

Two of my Eve towns were griefed, and the line was ended, in less than thirty minutes by the same person. The amount of times that towns are griefed and new players don’t understand how to banish them in a timely manner, or even at all, is absurd. People need to be taught that you can hover over an item to see that its state was changed, ex: a pen of butchered sheep, or that you can banish from empty bear caves. The same greifers continue to go around and ending lines over and over again without a red B to their name because the influx of new players don’t even understand the concept of banishment. It’s so frustrating.


Yes! We need more courses in general!
It adds a certain charm to the game that in the beginning you rely on othef players to teach you things, but with very few people online at times, it takes months to gather all the information that is crucial to not accidentally screw up. And not everybody comes to this forum to get info…


I like how the game has crash course on cooking and steel smithing. However, I definitely think that there should be more tutorials on the game mechanics. Whether its about how to pick a good spot to start a town or how to banish the griefers.

So many new players just don’t understand these things well enough. I have seen kilns built so far away from water source that starting a farm would be impossible. I don’t expect new players to be experts in all things, but this should be at least mentioned in the tutorial.