30Day torture

My Partner, was trolling me as a racist and i knew it was them since they were horrible at lying, but i accidently pressed the red “this player will not become ur baby/parent for 30 days, button. AND ITS ANNOYING. i have to wait 30 days now to play with my partner! that was my mistake, and my partner shouldnt have done it, but their should be a way to remove that option for players who made a mistake or want to be reborn, sorry if this is to much to ask for! also, my partner wasnt being racist. They were joking to me but didnt know how to confess for the hilariousm lmao and, whenever i accidently press it on a village i like, it would be helpful to be reborn if i ever wanted to! It would be a helpful feature for accidents or clumsy people.

What? Next time you misclick tap the button again to reverse it

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Mmm… Pretending to be racist isn’t really funny, bro.