A bug that changes the biome?

He was living in a pasture when I first saw him.
The next time I saw him he was living in the wilderness, and then he was living in various biomes after that.
I’ve seen this happen a lot since the update.

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when you put to much animals in a small biome the tiles will begin to change. i guess this wolf spawned on this one tile and now the tile glitches. try to cut this one tree and clear some of the snow. so the wolf can walk. then the glitch should stop. or feed the wolf so he can leave the biome.

i had that with horses. when you put them in a small biome they cant leave. and sometimes the tiles begin to glitch.

That’s weird. Thanks for reporting. It’s on our active bug list now :hugs:

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oh :frowning: i love this bug!

changing the bug by doing something with the tiles im okay with.

but please don’t change the movement of animals. it’s essential to me to know in which biome i left my horse.