A carriage for carrying a baby

I sometimes rode a horse and abandoned it when a baby was born.
Of course, with the update,
If we want to ride a horse, we can do contraception,
and then when we come back to the village, we can give re-birth.

It’s an idea I thought of before the update, but I’d like to share it with the forum.

If we go on a horse with seats to carry a child,
we can ride a horse and put the baby on a cart even if the baby is born.

Before riding the horse, we leave with the bottle in the carriage.
When a baby is born while riding a horse, they can be put in a carriage.
Baby can eat their own meals with baby bottles in the carriage.

This carriage is slower than a horse with a cart, but it has the advantage of being able to carry a child.
Also, we can’t stop giving birth during the childbearing period if we want to.

If we spend 10 years in contraception because we want to ride a horse and work at 15, we can only give birth to a baby for the remaining 10 years.

But, if you can put a child on a horse and don’t have to take contraception,
you can give birth throughout the childbearing age and do whatever you want.

In addition, if you can pick someone up or a baby in a carriage grows up,
we can do what two people need together from a long distance through one carriage.


Babies can ride baby bottles and it would be nice to come down when they are 3 years old.The idea that a total baby can carry two people and a luggage compartment can hold three baskets seems good.

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Awawa~ Cute!~~ :heart:3​:heart:

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Ya but not just a baby carriage bc when the baby turns three and your still riding than welp dead baby so make sure you also have regular food as well as baby bottle so you can safely know that your baby will stay alive if the trip is more than 3 minutes or if you don’t wanna go back