A change in spawning positions

As you may have noticed, the Europe and US servers have a lower number of players than the other ones. We are making a change to reduce the distance between spawned Eves on the servers with fewer players. This will increase the chances of bumping into people of other family lines, and also the chances of finding abandoned settlements which you can revive.

Feedback is welcome, as always.


Sounds like a great idea to me there my fav servers to play but can get a bit lonely sometimes especially as you get a lot of suiciding babies on there is often only one or two towns and there plus I’ve died on there even at 60 many times and had to start from scratch can get a bit repetitive will be nicer to be able to scout places out aswell as get loads of practise as eve startups




Nice idea! Thanks!


If this is a game of cooperation, and the point of spawning closer to other Eves, and possibly villages, is to work together to grow, what is the point of placing, near each other, people with language barriers?

Several times now I’ve spawned with Japanese Eves. Why, I asked myself, are the Japanese players playing on the US server? Twice today, after working hard to build a small settlement, I kept encountering Japanese players. The second time they kept making forays into our area (they were set up East of us) to gather resources. They had zero interest in amalgamating camps, but plenty of interest in the milkweed and clay in our area. I asked why they were playing on the US server when they have so many of their own. They said they were playing in a Japanese server.

HOW is that possible? If the language barrier is creating a situation whereby speakers of one language refuse to amalgamate with speakers of a different language then all that is happening is two camps competing for resources. That most certainly isn’t helpful. Nor is it likely to lead to longevity in the family line of either party and is, without doubt, NOT enjoyable.

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I feel there should be some sort of system that automatically translates what people are saying into whatever language you have set in the settings. This way everyone can cooperate regardless of language. I don’t find it a problem because I know both languages and I like the extra practice I get from it.

I think they really think theyre playing on a Jp server though. I know the two your talking about theyre on almost every night. I actually like playing with them cause they one who knows how to play is pretty good. The other one who doesnt speak english… Well he tries lol. I just hate how everytime we build up a bigish village someone lures a bear in.

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So does that mean one continually suicides, whether as an Eve or as a baby, until they are born to the other? That would explain the mass of dead bodies around spawning sites and the babies who wait until you name them before they poof out of the game. That actually kind of makes their presence worse.

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Well he probly does but hes definately not the only one who suicides. I tend to do it when im doing the fourth or fith run for the day and im tired of setting up the camps and getting farming started as eve. Or if its really late and we only have 5 or 6 people online. Thats when i usually end up playing with them is around midnight to 3 am. But yah i wish theyd at least try talking first instead of waiting for you to name them.

thanks for the change on europe! its more fun to start this way. finding some camps and objects brings excitement to the game!

Cool change, thanks. By the way, if you’re worried about bears, there’s a thing you can do to defend yourselves. Forget arrows, simply get close to the bear so that it starts following you and then just run out of town. Do it in jumps. Move 6 tiles or so, wait for bear to catch up, then continue. Using raw mutton to feed the bear can also be useful for getting it away from all the other players. Eventually you’ll lead it far enough away that it is no longer a problem (at least not until future generations when they have lots of arrows).

Nice idea for less populated servers. But why the severs are based on geography, but not on language? I see koreans on all servers and it makes me sad when I am born to korean community and very few of them speak English.

And make sure that you have a strong internet connection. I’ve had bears bite me from tiles away!

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