A coward who dares not speak his own national language

I don’t know which country you are from, but since you don’t like China, please get out of the Chinese service area instead of coming to the Chinese service area to insult Chinese people. If you have to play games with racial discrimination, where are you noble?

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Gosh that is so mean. I hope that person get cursed somehow. I know trolls are rampant in AHOL PC, and there’s few in mobile version but I hope they stop doing these. It’s annoying.

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I think I have guessed which small country he is from, but I won’t go to servers in other countries like him and scold others. This is the innate upbringing of our Chinese people, but I know that he is a coward who only dares to speak ill of his back. He may not have thought that we also had a genealogy. So when he entered the game, he didn’t say a word, just to curse behind his back. Really ridiculous behaviour

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