A few questions about the update

Hi, I have a few questions about the game update.

When will the game be updated?

Next, will Santa Claus disappear after the game is updated?
If the answer is yes, could you leave Santa Claus still in the game, even if there is no present? We love Santa Claus surrounding our town.

Then, will the unopened present disappear? Can I still open it and get the present after the update?

In addition, is it possible to set up a server seems like “Chinese-2"or"Chinese-beginner”? Because the Chinese “You are hope” has been closed for the further development, many chinese players(up to 100+ these days conpares to the original 20 players before in a time)start playing the international version. Now this server is a bit crowded.

Since we love this game very much and hope it gets better and better! I hope that everyone can create a good game environment!Drop me a line.Ty

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