A few testing done, and

I really like the experience. However:

You should not be able to give birth when you are dying, for example being bitten by snake or hog, etc.

We should also, for the beta testing, spawn in a very small area so we can test some late game stuff.

Also, i’ve seen so many moms naming me :you are you are fox, i am i am wolf, etc. The change in the naming system, which i find actually cool, should be explained on the front page or something, which would prevent mom naming their babies “hi baby” and “follow” (i have witnessed both cases XD

This is just bad luck, which is part of life, isn’t it :wink:
Note that this works exactly as in Jason’s version.

This is a good idea for the beta, we think. We will have a look at how we could make this happen without always spawning everyone in the same spot. Thanks!

I’ve seen this too. There is now a post on how the naming works in the mobile version, here:

As has been suggested already, you could strip out known baby naming phrases to avoid naming babies “you are you are Sam”.

Also, are you not matching the names against a list of possible names? If someone were to play the desktop version and say “YOU ARE YOU ARE MARY” they would not be called “YOU ARE MARY”. Is it your intention to allow people to name their babies whatever they like?

Another point is that when you are an Eve, you have no choice but to name yourself with your first two say actions, and if you are a mother holding a baby, you have no choice but to name the baby. This is obviously why babies are being called “hi baby” etc., and it probably won’t take players long to figure out what’s going on, but I wonder if there should be an interface change. perhaps instead of making the keyboard icon bounce, maybe a separate keyboard icon could show next to it, and that one is used for naming.

I knew Jason’s defined a loooooong list of all possible names and what the parent typed is used to search for a closest hit in that list. We did not impose this limitation so far. Because our goal is to support multiple languages at some point in the future. And a long white list of all possible names for each language is not the first option I want to choose (it may still be the case in the end though). Things may change when it is actually released.

Your suggestion of a dedicated button was actually discussed by us. But we decided to go with a more concise UI first. I think this is the case now also because we are lacking tutorial currently.

We have applied a modifier to the Eve spawn coordinates. Instead of a distance of 1000 between spawning spots, it’s 100 in the beta. This means that you will run into previous settlements much more frequently, and be able to improve on them instead of starting from scratch every time. Hopefully this helps the higher tech to show up eventually.

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