A few useful tips

Here’s some useful tips

  1. If things not on your screen or anyone’s screen, the timer will move for a bit and then stop. It’s good if you want to makes things stop. Like, bear, horses,runaway sheep.

  2. Put basket on top of crock it will stop the decayed.

  3. Use mosquitoes to makes 100+ yum bonus. Eat and build your yum bonus, makes yourself sick with mosquitoes, it will makes you hungry again but your yum bonus stay. Reset your yum bonus by eating the same food and build it again. Repeat the process.

  4. Horses only run on the biomese they are on. So put them in small biomese so they can’t run that far.

  5. Clay pit are refill. Yes, so don’t dig all of them, maybe leave a few if you want infinite supply of clay.


All good advice. Clay pits do, indeed, refill over time—you can take out 5 balls of clay, then leave it alone, and the clay will slowly refill over time. The only way to ruin this is to dig out a last ball of clay with a shovel, leaving just bare ground behind.


Oh, I didn’t know about the horses and biomes. That explains why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t when I try to chase a stray horse home.

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once i collected around 20 horses on a 30 tile biome. they couldn’t leave but could roam around freely :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s so cute. Like your own Montana ranch.

Also I think a basket with gravel in it doesn’t decay either


That is correct…a basket containing gravel does not decay. But of course you cannot do much with it.

And remember that one basket needs three piles of gravel to be completely full…you cannot empty the gravel out of the basket until the basket is completely full.

Another trick is to always leave your 1-wheeled cart with something inside it…dirt, brick mud, or even dry bricks. Then it will also never decay. I usually have three in various stages with by brick-making supplies.

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