A guide to sciencism

Sciencism, is a religion that focuses on Science and technology. Most followers of this religion are scientists. They are nice, and do not swear. They share and pray to the god, called scienza. If you speak to him correctly, he will fix all your problems and issues. Here is how to speak with him. Get 5 bowls of gooseberries and 1 adobe wall and put them in this order.

Once it is in the correct order, in the middle say what you want to say to the gods. If you say something bad, you will die early In life. This religion is also friends with all other friendly religions. Here is the flag. (The blue dot represents the planet, and the white background represent the ever-changing culture of the planet and it’s environment.)

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That is a lie… Jasonism is the only truth. Jason is the creator of everything ohol. All other false idols are useless. We all must pray/harass Jason for what we want ultimately. That is the true, and only way!


The snowman gods disagree they demand their baby sacrifices to be fulfilled or else they shall spread snow across all biomes drowning the world in ice and snow.

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I also believe in that, but I mostly believe in this.

Uhh, but the world is very big, so how will you do that?

By working really really hard :joy: i have a feeling snowmen are going to be fixed anyways so my religions doomed anyways Xp

Haha lol


Wanna join?

I’m there

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This is so bad that it’s good.

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Kyoism is the only true religion! We came up with the idea of Ohol relgion first anyway, and Kyom must be appeased so that we can all be more Kyomy


It seems that i must make more sacrifices to the snowmen gods so that they can take their rightfull place as the true ohol gods.