A long lost generation

I started as an eve out in the wild I knew my life journey had begun.

But I wasn’t ready to settle down for a small fire I could make next to a tree I was ready for bigger.
So I traveled many days hungry and tired, till I could no longer bear the pain in my feet and the hunger in my stomach. So I lay next to a tree till that’s when I saw it the village a beautiful village with a adobe oven and wood and tools, nothing could make me smile more. But at that very moment I saw a bow and a arrow, and I knew my hunting skills were failing me so I walked out in the open with it. I shot a wolf and a boar and many other things I could aim at, I took my harvest home, and at the very moment I gave birth to my daughter laurane. Although she was afk, she was very sweet so I feed her many berry’s, and took pride and care in her, but I also had a son when I was feeding her, so as I went to get a berry with my son so I and he would not starve my poor daughter starved to death, I shall never erase the memory of her bones laying before my eyes, my son was so very kind, Jackson was his name a fine young man he shall become, but why I was so distracted by my lovely children I did not see the harm, the land was causing us food was running low.

But my smart boy started a farm, and I had my last child Mary, at thirty eight years old she was a girl our light to the next generation.

So I ran to get bananas with her for our hunger was very low, but as we returned, I put her down near the carrots, and when I returned she was gone I knew she must have died my poor child, and my son never came back to the village, after he went to get soil.
So again I was alone an eve who tried to form a generation but died, but I never died without no accomplishment.

For the memories I have will always be cherished.