A solution to overcrowding (or at least the mobile equivalent)

Mobile has a significantly lower population of players, but most big towns end up with most of their citizens wandering around aimlessly. With so many people being sponges, famine strikes.

I’ve been thinking of a solution to this and i think i found something that might be worth at least trying. It is the idea of sending “settlers” to create a second town that is far enough away to have no competition for resources, but allows for cooperation. I believe this is only possible if the town has nearly everything.

  • Once this happens the next step in this theory is to gather 2-3 experienced women to begin the next camp (of course with the aid of the parent town).
  • Once the camp is somewhat sustainable, the parent town should be notified so they can send average players to help finish the job.

It is important to not send all of the experienced players, only enough to create a camp. The city system might even also provide a “checkpoint” of sorts. If one of the towns dies out, the other can repopulate it. This system will certainly make the game more realistic, in a way

If you have any contribution or edits, please comment and let me know


This always happens whenever I try to start up a camp/village. Nice solution though!


You gotta teach those noobs to do basic farming or set them getting soil or something while the experienced people bother with stuff like smithing. Building a second settlement is usually a good idea for long term survivability

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They usually don’t ask me.

They don’t usually ask me either. Usually I just teach my kids or get apprentices. Hanging around the local nurse, if there is one, also helps.

I love how the anti-fellowship is mimicking the fellowships gameplan, from killing randoms to building a 2nd town. Nice. Too bad we’re evil though, it be better to work together.

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I (personally) do not think the Fellowship is evil and I don’t think it needs to be destroyed. My problem is with other things. I remember the 2 town idea the Fellowship had. Your version was a place to dump randoms, which is a great idea, but it never got used (ik there were griefers but you need to know how to deal with them). But the the fact you think my 2 town idea is a copy of yours, is one of the reasons I left. Most people in the Fellowship LOOK for fights. I don’t hate them for it and I’m not “anti-Fellowship”. I have brought up the idea of merging(or something) and, honestly, pretty much EVERYONE in both the Fellowship and anti-Fellowship have major grudges and aren’t willing to

It seems like the anti Fellowship need a new name. Something more dramatic and interesting : ) plus the two need to learn to fight in more subtle ways or how will we ever create anything?

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I’m in the Fellowship and it is less clear cut than you might imagine when it comes to killing randoms. Basically there are three main types of Fellowship settlement according to the control of “randoms” or players outside the Fellowship. Total, partial and minimal. Total is where all randoms, except in extreme cases, are starved and the Fellowship maintains complete control throughout. This often leads to ordered towns but it’s not much fun for people outside the Fellowship. Second is Partial Control. This is where the Fellowship maintains an active prescense in a settlement but still lets random players in and they work together. The extent to which this is applied varies. The official Fellowship Gameplan dictates that girls will be starved unless more females are need however boys can live because they won’t cause the town to grow out of control. You can get more liberal interpretations. Personally I prefer the model where the Fellowship runs the Eve spawns and directs general policy of the town as well as major projects but where birth control is not restricted. Finally there is Minimal. This is where the Fellowship plays as small a role as possible, leaving most things to the general population. Basically this is the Fellowship working to help get a town started using their coordination abilities to give the settlement as good a chance as possible.


I guess if this were politics I would be centre right XD

Yeah, I’ve noticed that the Fellowship has gotten WAY better about randoms. I have only had maybe one or two times where I was killed and it was done in a more respectable manner that when the Fellowship began. I have noticed and I appreciate that the Fellowship has made good reforms to their random policies. A few people in the “anti-Fellowship” still hate the Fellowship for “murdering randoms left and right” but I don’t see it that way.

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Yah. I’ve never actually been born into a Fellowship town to my knowledge yet for all that. I’ll try and start a PCG someday : ). If you’re in the Fellowship you might know what that means