A system where when the last girl dies , everyone can receive a message

So , I was wondering about a system where when last woman in the village dies or reach the age of 40, everyone that on the ( willing to know that the village will be gone ) mode can receive a message to remind them that they can abandon this village and go to the next life . Although this will not work in international server where everyone try to eve spawn, it might work sometimes in Japanese server where there is enough players . I personally don’t want to continue build a village that is cannot be saved by any means including eve spawning . Of course it is not the fault of the woman ( many people “mostly mothers but there are many fathers too” actually feed the girls that are braindead just to keep them alive to get to the next generation which is very admirable but very tiring as it seems the system cause people born as woman have unnecessary stress and responsibility, sad eve that have no daughters, woman desperate to have daughters that are pretty sad as their only hope and daughter grief by running away or just braindead and also ,good players who are willing to be woman that become boys or man who just because of their gender, cannot save the village). In no circumstances the women or men are to be blame. I personally don’t like people who reset marathon by running away but I prefer them over braindead children (which also is the silent type of reset marathon)that may be alive or dead which is more tiring and a waste of time . I don’t want to force people born as girls to be forced to stay alive neither I want any woman to feel guilty to have no daughters. So , I am now suggesting this mode so there is more freedom to go to another life instead of putting all the responsibilities on women. What do you all think ? @Christoffer

I understand your thinking, but I don’t think a message for this is so desirable/needed. If a player both suspects that the family line will die out and would prefer to suicide in that scenario but is afraid that there may be a girl left somewhere which they don’t want to leave, then there is already a way to make sure by checking the family tree.

I think it’s very individual whether players would choose to die or to “make the best of it, in case someone rediscovers the settlement later”, and I don’t want the game to “suggest” a course of action, if you see what I mean?


In many lives , when i discovers settlement as kid , most of the settlement die out very fast . The chance of rediscovering the settlement is very low and it seems when discovered, mostly don’t last long except for the exceptional one . Most players especially the good one once know the village is doomed , immediately choose to die and get reborn. Once played for a long time , one will realize that even if they keep playing for a day , the chance of returning to the village which is doomed is equal to zero . If play all day , chance is got but since they played many times , it may seem familiar in some way but they forget it . Big city when reach engine don’t last long except for some cities . People actually prefer to build as eve children and also the developing village. Most not willing to be eve ( too much of the responsibility to find a place ) .
Whether receive the message or not , when doomed , people will choose to die fast . It is meaningless to save a village that cannot be saved . So , I actually thought my action will save more time and give more freedom and flow for good players to help other villages instead . However , listening to you , I knew my mistake . The game should not suggest any action.
In my case , when I know the last girl die , I tell everyone and everyone willingly just die and say see you next life . So I thought that it will make life easier . I was wrong . Thanks for the reply. It shows me that a lot of thought is been done although we players don’t see it .