Abby Returns

I lived near a bunch of lakes, and was born into a village. My first daughter I named Abby. When Abby turned 12, she grabbed a knife and tried to stab me. But I had a bow in my hand, so, I shot her. My second child I named Ellie. Ellie never spoke. At first I just thought she was a new player. So then, out of the blue, she got a bow. She decided to put it down, and she cursed me. After that she left the game. I posted this cause I wanted to know if this happened to anybody else because my friends have had this happened to them and its so similar we think it may be the same person.

Somebody has been randomly cursing me all day (for no reason! :cold_sweat:).

For some reason like 3/5 of my kids suicide on me, or turn against me. Even when’s I’ve got a good camp going. Does anyone know why this might be?

  1. Maybe they want to spawn as an Eve.
  2. They could possibly be trying to spawn back somewhere else (maybe they’re solo).

I guess some people just like trolling and ruining other people’s games. If you can, try cursing them.

Ya, the running babies happens, so do griefers, some people love griefing and only play to grief.

I have had a lot of babies that ask me “ Am I a boy?” or “Am I a girl?” So perhaps they want to be a different gender.


Well boys are pretty useless as far as starting/continuing a genetic legacy.

Boys can be quite useful. They have the ability to avoid having children and therefore are ideal for long term expeditions where children would likely die. In a starting camp the boys can do the majority of the work that involves leaving the camp allowing the females to have children where it is relatively warm, safe and sound. In larger towns they are also really useful for advancing the tech tree because they do not have to raise children, unless you construct a town nursery.


Nurseries mean that your females can work almost freely. Except for long expeditions that is, unless you have a means for caring for children on the go or are to old/young for children