About abandoned village/廃村について

I always enjoy this game.
However, when I was born as Eve, there are many abandoned villages and I am in trouble.
So I think it’s okay if the abandoned village disappears early.
What do you think?


I don’t know. I like discovering tons of abandoned villages and finding out their stories and why they were abandoned. It is really fun.

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Also it’s nice, because it sometimes give you a bit of a lead if you are an Eve :wink:

Can you tell me which server it is?
I too hope the abandoned village disappears soon.
I’ve never seen anyone happy that there are lots of abandoned villages on Japanese servers.
This server reboot seems to have cleaned up the map, but it hasn’t changed the situation at all for me personally.
I’m fed up.

The problem with many abandoned villages.
①No iron.The iron that was originally in the village has been taken away by another village.Sometimes there is not a single tool left.
②No material.Clay, reeds.In the village where Griefer was living, there may be no Milkweed or wheat or even animals.
③I get tired of being born in the same village over and over again.
④For the sake of the village we now belong to, we must take away the tools from the village we worked so hard to develop the other day.
⑤The fun of setting up a new village from a completely new state has been taken away.

Maybe the situation is completely different between the Japanese server and other servers.
I hope you understand the pain I’m feeling.

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I’m Japanese.
So I’m in the Japanese server.


Abandoned villages provide a sense of mystery and curiosity.

I would argue that is very subjective.

This whole problem seems to only apply to the Japanese server (due to high population). Maybe some changes need to be made to that specific server (like resetting abandoned buildings quicker).


I was playing on jp-beginner2 and felt something similar.
I think one of the worst things is that it’s very often that it existed months ago and is now regularly repopulated by someone’s destroyed village.


To me, that’s also very subjective.
Before the change in spawn spirals, I too was happy to see abandoned villages, but that’s changed now.

You are both beginner servers.
How would it be on a normal server?

When I play the game, I feel like there aren’t many people on the Japanese server who are happy to be born in a developed village.
It’s very hard to get more people in a developed village.
At least I like to work busy and cultivate the village with my own hands.
It’s probably partly because of that sense of difference that the issue is raised over and over again.



Could you elaborate? :thinking: