About Amalon

Ran a few big deserts near home, did not see an Amalon. She’s everywhere when you don’t need her, not a shadow when you do.



I never have any gold to buy anything anyway.



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Ikr means I know right

Check top sides first. Coriolis effect. Was the same in oxygen not included. Since gases go in circles from left up right down, each time they are blocked they restart. Same in Yah, animals get blocked by cactus, trees, items, they tend to go top left of the biomes over time, especially if people see them a few times. Amalon moves randomly but far, so snakes and Amalon end up top side of deserts over time. There are jackpot chances, there is a small chance of spawning multiple items/animals in same spot, so if there is one, there is more of it and less of everything else.


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