About eve spawned

I think i started to understand how eve spawned work.

I born as an eve and make a small camp. I die old and the position is stored. (i don’t have kids because all my 4 kids decided to suicide, I’m assuming they all are the same person as they immediately run away when they see me).

Later, after I die, i born as a baby because there’s a fertile mother in the server. I use that live pretty well but die at 55 because starving. I born again in as eve in my old camp, exactly next to my corpse. But die at 51 because snakes bite. (i don’t have daughter. Only one son. My other kids suicide.).

So, I’m assuming as long as I die old as an eve, my position is stored. And i will back to my old position if and only if there’s no fertile woman in the server.

Did I miss something?

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I’m pretty sure that’s correct.

Say you are an eve and die at 60. Your eve spawn is saved. If there are 3 or less eves on a server you will maintain your eve spawn.

However, if there are 4 eves on the server when you respawn, if you spawn as an eve your eve spawn is reset because there are 4 eves already on.

I think that’s how it goes.