About future updates

I have been playing this game for a year now and I enjoyed it for many hours.
However, the last time is that especially with many breaks that last weeks because I have already seen and done a bit of everything.
I loved the updates from Santa Claus, the water, the bricks and the new bowls and plates !!
These updates gave me a reason to create a new village with our new items.
But sadly no more has been done to extend the use of these items.
To tell my long story briefly and to make my point as clear as possible.
Updates of clothes, characters, food, dogs that catch rabbits and gestures are all nice updates but they are not “game changers”.
It would be nice to have at least 1 “game changer” per update such as a new machine or something that we can be productive and creative with such as more walls or furniture.
Thank you for your attention and understanding.


I strongly agree with you. Griefers are born out of boredom. A huge update would change everything.