About Gooseberries / すぐりについて

Due to this update, the amount of recovery of gooseberries has been reduced to 2, and self-cultivated gooseberries also vanish slowly in a short time.
Berries have been an easy-to-eat food for young children in all villages and have been almost essential to its development.
If you want to change the way of food consumption, it is fine with this update. However, in the private servers, there are many gooseberries that are made as part of the architecture because of their good appearance.
Especially they are used the edge of sheep’s farm as a part of the entrance. They won’t be died if they are covered with soil, but that appearance doesn’t look good at all.
From the above reasons, the amount of recovery of the gooseberries is acceptable but I would like you to eliminate the new specification of gooseberries which disappear in a short time.



@EmberWolf do gooseberry now reduces on the bush ?I am confused.

I strongly agree with Aya. When I first saw gooseberry bushes in the villages in my private server, I was shocked as all the sheep, cow, pig, wolf, boat are roaming around.
I agree that dependency on gooseberry in multiplayer server maybe reducing the fun factor of the game, but when it comes to private server, gooseberry bushes should remain as they used to be

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Yes, the domestic bush will loose it’s berry 1 by 1 and when all the berries are gone, bush starts withering and finally disappear, unless you put soil on it before it’s too late

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Thanks for your reply. I feel that is counterproductive. This update is to prevent beginners from eating too much berries and makes pros have less work of using soil and water. Now that I think about it , so it wasn’t everyone who keep eating the gooseberries, it is it despawning


I want to make sure I understand your position correctly:

You want bushes to keep their berries, so they will look good from a decorative perspective.

Is this correctly understood, or did I miss anything?


Yes, your understanding is almost correct from Aya’s perspective, but Aya’s and my points include another aspect. Gooseberry bush is used at the corner of sheep pen and others, which allows free approach for human to inside pen but prevents animals from escaping, without opening/closing doors. But right now, domestic gooseberry bush disappear in the course of time. And animals kept inside can flee, once the bush disappear.
This escaping can be prevented by not watering bush, but just keep soil because animals can’t step on tilled soil, which makes look of the village not so nice. Can the red berry bush replace this function?

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Thanks for the explanation. I will give this some thought.


I totally and strongly agree with Aya.
Most people use gooseberries for their architects rather than eating itself in their private sever.
@Christoffer you can see a lots of fun arts using gooseberries as a part of themselves but this update affects on them - some just losing their great appearance or some lost their function completely.
Personally I love the idea not to count on gooseberries and expand food variety in villages in the multiplayer server but still wish to remain the same old way in the private server not ruin their great art works.


I strongly agree with aya. @Christoffer you may say, “just use another plant for the corners of sheep pens”. But there is a reason why people use gooseberry bushes. They are the most difficult to remove, so griefers cannot easily remove them (compared to raspberry bushes, where all you need is a sharp stone to remove the whole plant). In japanese servers, people even surround oil rigs with gooseberry bushes, so that griefers cannot block the important machines. Gooseberry bushes have always had this very important role. So even if you want to reduce the food points given by gooseberries, please, please, PLEASE dont make berries despawn from bushes.

I think you make a good point, regarding the difficulty with removing the bush, and this being valuable against griefing. So let’s say we make another change so the bush no longer disappears on its own, for example by removing the decay into a dead bush.

I don’t see why this requires the berries to stay on indefinitely though? That seems to be an unrelated feature, doesn’t it? If not, please explain why?

The problem with letting berries stay indefinitely is that players would make even larger fields of hundreds of bushes, and I don’t want that to be considered a valuable thing for a village.

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So let’s say we make another change so the bush no longer disappears on its own, for example by removing the decay into a dead bush

Yup this is good enough. It could even be seasonal, like the raspberries and blueberries.


I think people plant a lot of gooseberry bushes not only because it provides a stable source of food. We can’t be constantly finding food in starting village . We need to smith, cut woods, collect clay ,make bowls ,catch rabbit, find steel , plant seeds for stew, rope and so on. Constantly, needing to find food every few second or collecting eggs all time is tiring. I want to do other stuff too.
Why people plant gooseberry bushes near nursery? It doesn’t provide that much energy but is easily taken care of. No one wants children eating all the pies and adults are left nothing to eat .
Usually , we all like 9 and 9 bushes. Then , like 9 more near the sheep pen. For big gooseberry farms, it is matter of design and personal like and habits. It is the only plant that can be planted alone unlike stew which need 3. Cabbage that changes to seed . Berries staying on the bush mean using less place.
Raspberries when not put into bowl is put all around the floor. It isn’t a beautiful sight too isn’t it . It saves space . Please reconsider.
Say no to despawning or +2 energy. +2 energy only means we change the main type of food we eat before stew. It doesn’t change much . We still eat burdock, onion , lots of bananas, rabbit, eggs like usual. The only change is we make bread stick and porridge which I do when the village sickly need of food. Please let me the chance to do other thing other than keep finding food. Thank you. I play in normal server which hunger rate is fast.

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