About malicious writing of chronicles

These days, I mainly play on childless servers and private servers.
There was a change in goose berry, and I was curious to see if there was a food shortage, so I played on the beginner server for the first time in a while.
Although there were greefers, there were no food problems, and it was an old-fashioned, well-known YAH landscape.

However, I was surprised to see the chronicle after death. A series of writings for obvious harassment purposes that have nothing to do with the game. A number of obscene, insulting, and discriminatory writings. There was also slander to a specific person (of a celebrity).
I would like the developers to check it with their own eyes if possible. Although it is a Japan server, Google Translate will be enough to convey its terribleness.

Some of these posts have disappeared due to user reports but haven’t disappeared immediately and are clearly problematic. Unlike in-game vandalism, it has a definite adverse effect, and users who perform such acts are required to take strong measures such as account suspension.


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