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The private servers just launched, so I’m sure there are a lot of potential improvements that are specific to them.

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The private server post and category doesnt seem to appear on the forum.

It’s a subcategory.

I always have the pressure to live up to the age of 60

Like the bed in “Minecraft”
I wish the item which can memorize the respawn position



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Repost from the previous post:

I am so glad that I am the first one who get on private server and i purchased a PFS at once.

I test it for one day, and here’s my suggestion:

  1. ppl can choose spawn as eve or born as baby before they start the gamecos everyone spawn as owner’s baby is not that good, as this will limit the possibility of the game play. Actually I pay for the server because I would like to have a map with every town connected with roads like what Heidi and I did in EU2, but now everyone spawn as kid, u can’t find a place that is far away from your mum’s town. If ppl pay for their own server, I wish we can have more freedom and more possibilities on it.

  2. Laggy when everyone’s onit’s quite lag when everyone play in the private server, I am the only one who play in my server when I found that I need to spend 6secs to put down a straight branch. I starve and on the private server main screen I saw 102 ppl is on. It was smooth when 50 to 80 is on, I think that mainly because many ppl buy the trial of 7days and make it laggy (the time I found laggy is around 6pm GMT+8)

  3. new invitation link each timethe invitation link for one server is always the same. Therefore, ppl who got the link can simply copy and paste it to others or even post it on forum. And you can’t ban anyone who got the link and play in your server, that’s really dangerous if anyone send the link out. Also, if evey player have individual link, and we can see who is playing on the list, that would be perfect.

I enjoy playing in my own server, and I hope it would be better in the future.



I suggest you use home marker position for restart.


Oh, by the way, is it possible to make the function of the same item different on a normal server and a private server, respectively?

I have sent a help email about this but I created. Village and decided to abandon it to start a new village. I cut my old home marker down, traveled and set up a new home marker quite a distance away. Now, it takes me a very long time to travel to my new village after I die and am reborn. It use to take not very long at all but now it takes upwards of ten minutes to get to my new location. It takes all the fun out of my purchase because I bought the game to play, not click a screen for 10 minuets to travel to my location to play. I don’t know if this is a bug or something.

Hmmm, home markers should place your eve spawn.

Well, it does not always place me close to my home marker. The problem continues. It seems like it puts me in my village if I die of old age but if I starve or get killed it puts me ten minuets away. It’s very frustrating. Especially when I spend 7 minuets doing nothing but running and then I get bit by a snake or wild boar at 8 minuets then I have to spend another 10 minuets just to get to my village again.