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Excuse me, will current developers continue to play this game? Will it keep updated?

Because there are similar developers doing this game in China, but they have stopped updating. I hope this won’t happen. So I have the motivation to play all the time. :heart:

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You are Hope is kept running, together with some events through the year, but it’s not actively innovated upon. There is a sequel to You are Hope, and that’s where the developers innovate and make serious updates often.

Here is a trailer, if you’re interested:


Played this.Or prefer it 《YouAreHope》I hope the company will not give up the update.

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I have to agree…at this point, I do prefer this game over In Next Life. I like to play alone, with little stress, just slowly building up a little farm here and there, and have gotten pretty far on some servers.

But the new game is so much harder to play alone. By design, it seems.

So you have to join a tribe to really play, but just learning the skills to be useful is practically impossible. I tried the tutorial several times, and could not get past making bowls from gourds or something without running out of time/starving. And then you try again— and have to start over from scratch. So cannot learn or advance skills much past that, and I don’t want to join a tribe as a completely useless noob, so…

But do not mean to dissuade anyone from trying it out! It may not be for me right now, but I have total respect for Christoffer and the developers and know they are doing their best to create something fun!


Tribe life is more forgiving to “noobs” in INL. Unlike in YaH, a slower player does not cost many resources, because the amount of food you need to eat is proportionate to the amount of work you perform.
In general, even a very inexperienced player is a positive addition to a tribe in INL. So I don’t think you need to worry about joining some tribes while you are learning the game.

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Thanks for the encouragement! I may try again once I have more free time.

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