Account Conflict

I was unable to post in the game feedback so please forgive me.

I was playing on us server 2 for maybe ten minutes when the game seemed to freeze. No1 was moving and the world didn’t load past a certain point. I died after a few minutes of starvation. Attempting to be born again presents me with a message saying “ failed to be born, account conflict.”

What does this mean? I can play on other servers but not us 2. Is my account in jeopardy? Please help!

Don’t worry. Your device lost its connection to the server. When you immediately tried starting a new game, your account’s character was not yet dead on the server. You can’t play two characters at the same time on one server, so that’s where the message comes from. As soon as your old character is dead, you can start a new life again.


Thank you for your informative reply. I was freaking out seeing “account conflict” because it is vague and scared me. After taking a break, I soon realized my character wasn’t dead and attempted to delete my post. I couldn’t figure out how to do that either. shrug


You’re welcome!