You are Hopeに実績システムを導入してみてはいかがでしょうか?そうすることでプレイヤーが様々なことに挑戦する意欲をさらに生むきっかけになると思います。私が考える実績の案としては以下のものがあります。

I suggest you add system of achievements to “You are Hope”. I think that it make further motivation of players.
I thought achievements as follows.
・Live to 60 years old
・Make a fire
・Kill bear
・Kill mosquito
・Make steel ingot
・Make vulcanized rubber tire
・Eat turkey broth
・Make 10 of food chain
・Send to your voice on radio
・Use newcomen engine
・Breed sheep
・Ring bell tower
・Move 500 blocks by house-drawn cart
・Hug your great-grandchild


House drawn cart? Sounds good lol. I like the achievement ideas, that could make the game more challenging.

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Game Center achievements?

Oh! I make a mistake lol. Thanks!

Yeah. Furthermore, we can use Ranking-system, if it use game center achievements.