Add the Voting Plugin (for the Game Suggestions Category)

This official voting plugin (by Discourse themselves) seems much better than liking posts to indicate that you’re voting for them.

Also, votes for the suggestion can be seen without clicking on the thread.

I don’t see why a voting plugin should be implemented. There is no need for «voting on suggestions» as in the two years before. Why do you want to do that? Which value would you create with that? Is there a goal you want to achieve in doing that? For me all the suggestions are equal and i don’t see why there should be drawn a finish line to ideas. Suggestions are there to discuss ideas and spitballing with new ideas. If there is an idea getting enogh attention and support by the player base, i guess the developer team will notice that. They use the forum as regularly as you do.

Two years before? What?

I’ve already answered those questions in the original post.

It isn’t about being the best suggestion/being first or anything like that.

No you didn’t. Therefor i asked. Now you altered your post. So new questions for you:

Why do you want to see votes without clicking on the topics? Do you even read the topics?
You can’t understand the whole idea just by the topic title and a vote count beside it.
Which value would add the voting plugin? I don’t see it.

I thought I did.

Either way, I don’t want this conversation to escalate. Goodnight!