Additional training

It would be great if there was additional training options such as animal care/hunting, and general building…

So for animal care/hunting
The training would include:
build a pen,
build bow and arrow
hunt the animal
feed the baby
get a robe
Bring the baby to the pen
and raise the baby to adulthood

Possible addition could include using the resources of the animal…
Make bucket, milk, feed cow
Make shears, get wool, feed sheep

General building training could include

How to build floors (wood, stone, brick, and rock)
How to build walls (wood, stone, adobe, pine needle)
How to build well (including how to prime and run the one that requires water, and coal ( forgot name))

Just a thought, as much of that is left to those who either are taught or are willing to read the instruction tree…

Not that this will stop some players from just standing there eating berries, but it may help some that really want to learn, when the experienced players are too busy to teach.


I like the options you thought of, but making a pen or building would be hard to do because the dog doesnt know how big the pen or building has to be or which materials amd where the obstacles are, and raising a baby is a bit overpowered, but i like the other things.

The additional training options were ment for the new players to learn these things so as to help the town. Kind of like the forge and food training that are already offered.

But it would be nice if animals could do a few more things.

I’d like if cows could be used with a cart, or some sort of plow to help with the garden.

Or if geese could be used to eat mosquitoes (they don’t in real life, but are used by farmers to eat bugs in their crops and orchards so why not eat our bugs (mosquitoes))