Advanced Family Planning

Picture the scene; you’ve just been born. Either as an Eve or to one, stranded in the wilderness and tasked with building a town somehow. How do you do it? Family planning. The best settlements are built on organisation and clearly defined roles which are inherited and work together to produce something that will last for dozens of generations. This guide is designed to help with that.

First things first, you’ll need a series of tools:

  • A Bascket.
  • A hatchet.
  • A fire bow drill.
  • And last but not least, a snare.

You can divide these tools amongst your children/siblings/friends which they can use to start one of the three base crafts:

  • Childcare.
  • Farming.
  • Hunting.

The last two serve to feed and sustain the childcare sector, so that as few children die young as possible. These branches will later split off to form to form the trades of the town. The hunters will use the snare to catch rabbits, and later hunt larger animals. They could later become clothes-makers, soldiers and collectors (for things like iron ore). Similarly, the farming sector would start out small, probably just foraging food and using it to sustain the other two sectors along with meat from the hunters. Yet, with the later creation of clay bowls and the ability they provide to irrigate crops, these faithful suppliers would eventually own their own farms, bakeries and plantations which they can pass on to future generations.

However, the most important sector is childcare.
This is made up of players who would keep the fire going, build shelters and generally look after the young. This would effectively become the service sector in later generations, building roads, providing education, working metal and governing the city/town/hovel. The success of this sector is imperative. Whenever someone has a child, it should be dropped off in the nursery, hopefully meaning most children will survive and thereby allow for the massive population growth needed to sustain a town (pick a populated server). Other players would also be able to pick up apprentices here whom they can teach their respective trades, if they do not have willing children of their own to pass it on to.

And finally, the coordination. The village will need some kind of government to settle disputes, order projects and wear an awesome crown. It might also eventually require a law enforcement officer to prevent any renegade players from destroying all you have built. Unfortunately, when you only live for an hour, democracy is not very practical. Therefore I would suggest a monarchy system, in which the current leader would (immediately upon getting into power) appoint a younger successor whom they deem to be trustworthy. If no successor is available then the oldest (and presumably most experienced) player takes the reigns of power.

Which about sums it up. Most importantly, besides any other achievement, protect the children. Especially the females. They are the key, and you shouldn’t be relying on only one girl to carry on the line. You’ll need several at least to guarantee security.

A proper established settlement using these methods could potentially last for many days at least, adding to the collective knowledge of the players of this game. Who knows, perhaps a town as powerful as this could colonise other villages, creating empires. Maybe when more people start playing this game.

Happy travels.

  • Greenwood.

@greenwood that’s the city of my dreams…

Coolio. Unfortunately, as I’ve been learning, it’s easier said than done : )

The main probalmo in the long run is different time zones, meaning a settlement struggles to last beyond a single day IRL.

I suggest we solve it by choosing one server which we can all use as our main server, meaning that people will be online from across different time zones, keeping our towns going indefinitely.

I suggest Japan Beginner Server 1. It frequently has the highest player count.

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I think US2 needs to be better at delegating roles and working on better childcare system. We could do better and communicating.


Pretty sure the devs did a small TV campaign on Japan for this game… The amount of JP players is incredible.

I learned about the game from a Guardian article. I thi k it would be successful if more people learned about it, as has happened for the pc version.

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