Advancing civilization

The purpose of this game is to advance your civilization, but I find that a lot of bloodlines seem to just die out, leaving the city in ruins for some Eve to find and do the same thing again. I always hoped to be born into a family that eventually reaches the era of technology, but so far I’ve never seen this. I have narrowed the reasons for this down to two reasons, there could be more but these are the only ones i have found.

  1. Mothers do not take care of children, do not have females, or there aren’t enough active players.

  2. Civilizations stay in place until they die out.

If you don’t understand what I mean in 2, heres an explanation: After reaching a semi-advanced civilization, filled with some buildings and a few machines, I have noticed civilizations just stay in that age until they die out.

I have been researching ages like the old stone age, new stone age, muddle stone age, copper age, etc. and I thought of You Are Hope. Maybe if players knew they had to advance to the next age and how to do it, civilizations would advance farther. I suggest a checklist where you see what age your civilization is in and what you need to advance to the next.

Unfortunately I dont know how to solve the first one but I hope these problems can be solved!!

Tell me if you have suggestions or see any problems with my idea


Families dying out can’t be helped. Especially if you’re playing on a EU or US servers. I play US-beginner because thats where the bulk of English players are. As far as our map we have camps that have reached certain level of tech, and have bells. In one town I was in we were working on a car. It took many generations, and different families before it was build. Some of us can find these camps again and we bring others in with bells. Ultimately what I’m saying is the issue isn’t necessarily families dying out, and servers not having enough people. The problem is not enough people are actually taking the time to learn how to play the game and advance their understanding.

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