Advice about teaching kids

1-Say to kids always to stay in villge until grown because they usually die if they go far to get something
2-tell him his job because sometimes all the people don’t take care of farm so the villge die 3-show the kids the villge and tell them where water,soil,rabbits,etc. 4-teach them if they don’t know how to do their job because he will become useless if he doesn’t work.


I usually tell them go watch youtube to learn like i did. Plus yesterday i did put up a starting guide with some youtube videos teaching basics so now i dont want to hear an hard enough to start a camp and you are showing them by telling them to watch and they just run off not really caring or you show how few times and still they need it spelled out in chat. I usually dont have time for that when starting at a new camp site. Especally long conversation for explaination i end up dying since my food bar gets on low and there no near sources of food since someone ate it all.


I’m taking about big villge in a small villge I just grow him up and let him do whatever he want but I tell them to stay in villge because they usually die if they leave

I just tell them a one thing like if ther job is farming I teach them how and let them go


Don’t assume the gender of your babies :baby:


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