Advice for towns with bears

If a bad player brings bears to town to kill everyone, you don’t have to die, you can deal with the bears.

  1. Always stand on squares with items on them, especially gooseberry bushes. Because of the way the layers work in the game, bears and other creatures can’t wound you when you already share a square with another item. Don’t stand on open squares, you will die. Try not to stand on squares with items people can pick up, you might die.
  2. If you don’t know how to safely kill bears, stay in the garden or on a food source and don’t move. The best thing you can do for your town besides killing the bear(s) is not dying. Especially if you are a girl. Focus on not dying.
  3. If no one knows how to kill a bear or you don’t have the tools, you can lead it away from camp if you’re confident you can use the item-standing feature safely. Be careful not to lead the bear back, and go slowly enough that they follow you. DO NOT try this if you are a girl in the game who’s still having babies. When you come back to town, make sure that you tell people which direction the bear is so they can watch out, or a bear killer can go get it later.
  4. If you have a baby while bears are still around, hold the baby and don’t put them down. Odds are good they don’t know how to stay safe, but if you don’t put them down they can’t go and get eaten by a bear. Ask someone to feed you so you don’t have to put your baby down.
  5. Learn how to make arrows, to make sure the person in town who knows how to kill bears has at least 3 arrows. Make sure they’re visible when you do make them, placement close to the forge is a good practice. If you don’t have the supplies and don’t think you can get them quickly, the town should try leading the bears away.
  6. If you are the person killing the bear: bears need 3 arrows each to die. Make sure to always stand on an item, make sure to have an open square to put your bow down when you need to pick up another arrow. Only make shots you’re confident about, and confident you won’t accidentally move onto the bear’s square. (I wait until they’re next to me, then shoot and reload.)
  7. VERY IMPORTANT. Kill one bear at a time. If four bears come to town, you do not need twelve arrows, you only need three. Kill only one bear at a time and you will get those three arrows back every time one dies. Leading bears away can help buy time.

Stay safe!


You could also quickly tell the babies to stay on a tile with an item on it. I have done that in the past. :slight_smile:

An bear killed my favorite town tea town. I still miss the town to this day it was my favorite place I hope one day I can find it again