Advice needed—cannot capture a baby Mouflon!

I have spent several lives on this, and have killed three baby Mouflons in the process, so I think I am doing something wrong.

My issue is that the only badlands that contain wild mouflons are very, very far away from my camp. The ones that are close are small and have only a couple of wolves. So I pack up food for me and a rope for the lamb, and carry my bow/arrow, and head out. I have successfully killed a mom three times, and each time I loose the baby:

  1. First time, I stopped to eat on the way home, because I was about to die, and could not re-capture the lamb with the rope. So I get it, make sure you’re full enough to make it home without stopping, check.

  2. Second time, I dodged a rattle snake too quickly and “dropped” the rope. Ugh. Still could not re-capture the lamb with rope or by picking up. So be careful on the way home, check.

  3. Third time, I was almost there, and the lamp just suddenly started bawling for food and dropped off the rope on its own. Repeat of watching it die. I do not know what I could have done differently this time…is there a limit to how far a baby mouflon can travel before it must be in it’s pen and fed???

I have a pen and food near my camp, so if I can ever get one all the way there, I am good, but the distance is killing me! Any advice???


Also…I am mostly interested in a sheep for the dung, because as I understand it, the ONLY way to compost soil is with sheep dung. Correct?? I am running out of nearby soil pits, even after using the shovel to re-spawn them!


you can feed it somewhere in between. it will grow up and have kids on their own. so you can take that one with you. so you should be able to overcome the long distance. also might come in handy having some backup mufflon or sheep nearby in the wild.

also sheep will follow you. might be possible to just raise a sheep in the wild and then slowly bring it back.


That’s brilliant, thank you!

Hey, can the bow & arrow be carried in anything? Or does it just have to be left behind once you’re leading a lamb?

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yeah sadly you have to leave it back behind. would be nice tho to store it in the backpack. :star_struck:




Actually, I recall another way of making compost soil without any sheep involved

  1. make a box (without a handle)
  2. put 2 pieces of soil (like making a grave with a shovel)
  3. not sure in which step but you need to put a bucket of worms (at least 3-4 I think) and shreded fresh peeled corn + cabbage
  4. put another wooden board on top to form a lid
  5. wait a few minutes = soil!



@Lou123 , that worked perfectly! You only need three worms in the bucket to make it work, which is great because I had been shoving them in odd corners to get them out of the way. Haha!

Any thoughts though on what to do with all these holes I have to make to get the starting dirt? Aside from filling them with water, they don’t seem to be useful in any way…

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You can use shallow holes to make asphalt roads or if you just want them to despawn, just make sure to not dig the holes all the way (like 3 shovel-fulls or less).

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I did not realize they despawn if not complete! Perfect!

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