Afk people: To feed or not to feed?

Afk people. People who have left the game immediately after joining it. Some may think them annoying, especially in very new cities like the one above where there isn’t much food.

But, on the other hand, new cities usually really need more players and therefore letting an afk girl die might be a bad choice as she can make children that could be needed.

What do you think???

I generally keep girls alive for babys in early camps but sometimes its not worth it.
Like if they afk in a ice biome its not worth it at all because they will burn through the food you feed them so quickly and will likely die if you go to get more food.

If your camp already has an axe just move the main fire to the tile they’re standing on unless its a dessert or jungle tile. It will be much easier to feed them while working.


I think the question should be why people go afk so often and is there a way to lower it? I used to go afk because I forgot to charge the phone or check the battery before playing, which took awhile to get used to not forgetting that :sweat_smile:. Maybe a reminder when you hit the play button on low battery will help?

I do feed afk females till 40 if they are the last female in town. It’s hard to work though because you never know if a baby will pop out while you go out of sight to do stuff.