Afterlife suggestion ^_^

This is just a suggestion. We basically have reincarnation and can watch our families after we are dead. Would it be too weird to be able to type a msg to the ppl alive after you have passed. Not a whole conversation but maybe a small message once or even once every 30 mins or so. if we see our family struggling to find food or items or even if we see a griefer and we’re watching them and they get a msg from their great great great great grandma scolding them or telling them what/where things are. The msg would go to all alive family members. Thinking the msg would be where the notification for lily marker rebirth, banning, and server closing is.


Could maybe even make some money with this :moneybag: as I feel this is an upgraded feature like watching your family. Lol

This is a very good idea! I’d like to see this one

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