Ageing mechanics

Ageing mechanics
This is different to lifespan mechanics

I find it wired that a 20 year old and a 60 year old can run at the same speed and do everything exactly the same shouldn’t there be consequences for getting older? I know the less food bar thing but I mean physical disabilities like walking slower needing stuff like canes or walking sticks to move not being able to lift heavy things like wheelbarrows rocks ect i just feel like your truely helpless as a baby then as you grow older you can do more things I kinda feel like then your babies that you looked after have to return the favour you become truely helpless once again
I have came up with a few effects down below

Effect starts at 40 tiredness players at this age will begin to feel tired after running a few meters and will have to slow down to a walking speed for awhile

Effect starts at 50 inability to run you are now consistently at a walking speed and cannot run at all

Effect starts at 55 bone crippling when the player needs some sort of walking stick to move and can only walk around half the speed of a normal walking pace

From here on my other topic lifespan mechanics is applied

Effect starts at 60 the player will loose ability to pick up heavy items including baskets branches firewood and anything heavier

Effect starts at 70 the player will not be able to craft anything

Effect starts at 80 the player will need to be fed and will be unable to pick up anything

Effect starts at 90 the player will walk at the pace where they will barely creep along they will need some sort of walker to move

Effect starts at 100 the player will need intensive care like some sort of processed pill per 5 years for the rest of their life to keep them alive

Effect starts at 105 the player will be unable to move without a wheelchair and will need somebody to push them around

Effect starts at 110 final effect player will need a consistent medical attention / life support to keep alive


I like this but i dont agree compleatly.

I know plenty of old people a veryng ages who can and cant do things.
For example my grandmother who is in her 70s is obese and and can barely walk outthe house without getting wended but doesnt have any other medical conditions while my great great grandmother who plassed away in her very late 90s would go on two mile hikes every day with almost no problems.

So maybe set it to the lifestyle things you sugested instead of at set ages for things to effect the player.

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That’s a good idea I just need to think how I would do that it would complicate a lot of things but I will think about it I want to try and simplify things though and make it easier to understand and more compatible with the current game

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