All servers will eventually become slow-food,no-player-kill servers

It’s very kind of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So we decided to switch groups for China1 and China2 servers, and to restore player killing to China1.
The server descriptions have also been updated to reflect the new settings.

All servers have the slow hunger setting, going forward.


Awesome! It’s a wonderful decision. Thanks for your understanding. Love you guys! I think you’ve won the hearts of many Chinese players.XD

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You are so lovely!!!


@Christoffer, I don’t know if this is the right or the wrong thing to do, I have no framework to understand all the nuances of your options on this, or any other, issue. But reflecting on the remarkable turmoil here in the past several weeks, I wanted to say something to you.

I deeply appreciate how much effort and thought you are expending on this game and on dealing with the sudden explosion of troubles/complaints/conflicts coming from the Asian players. Your patience, flexibility, and respect towards the players is amazing, especially considering that the vast majority of us, after the initial purchase, play this game for FREE, with no restrictions or limitations. The conflicting demands made of you are, in my mind, impossible to reconcile or to solve, and yet you still listen, reach out, and try to rectify issues you have very little control over.

Thank you for your time, patience, and grace.


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