Alternative food sources

Farming and goose berry bushes is a decent way to make food. When it comes to sustainability and early game renewableness though it dosn’t compare to Barrel Cactus fruits and cooked eggs. It’s such a shame when people can walk past places like these:

And not see the bountiful amount of food they supply.

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Yea, i kow in a eve run i I spent my life harvesting fruit cactus and making omelettes … no luck I had only one daughter and her son launched a bear on the village …

Think a lot of it comes down to lack of knowledge omelettes onviously you have to cook its easy but you need a kiln first to make the plates and that can take a while and barrel cactus is fanstastic food but it does take a while to come back either way if new players built up there knowledge bases a bit we would have a lot less early deaths

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Yeah the variety of food is beautiful but personally I dislike the dangers of the animals running around with a one hit one kill ability ha. Scary. But it be nice if I could make squash gardens, cactus gardens, beat gardens, cabbage gardens and the apple trees that don’t exist…apple trees that don’t exist…


The animals having the one kill hit might be annoying as fk but they add a challange to the game when a civ reaches advanaced level and has a surplus of food the game gets pretty easy if there are no griefers so there needs to be something that can help take down family size and make it slightly more challenging

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Honestly I do like the challenge and experience gap but overall it never felt it got easier in fact I felt it got harder based on the number of players would join the colony and would ignore the food situation.

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Yeah I suppose it depends on the experience of the babies that you have in the city I suppose if you have a team of pros would be easy :’)

As we play more we find better ways of increasing survivability and efficiency. It’s tough to bet on what might be there. If it is, take advantage of it though. If there’s too many dangers or not enough cactus/goose in general you can always collect bowls of berries. They are extremely useful even if you have to forage them from nearby wild bushes. I see some people call me crazy for making so many bowls and plates at once but they are extremely important and useful in all scenarios. Bowls more over than plates in fact.