Alternatives for shovels

For now the shovel seems like a mighty tool. Shovels are often used. While i smith i often produce 3 shovels because we need it so much.

So i thought maybe the mining pick could be used for dig big rocks in addition to the shovel. So the shovel might get some rest :wink: .



I agree! Give the shovel some rest! The pick needs to do some work :smile:


I think it would be cool if we could put two straight branches under the bolder then activate it to dig the rock up.

Id be fine with it if the logs broke after use to make it more balanced.

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on friday we made 6 shovels. today i made 4 more :joy: they are gone like hot cakes.


I just made 3 as well :joy: I would also be nice, if we could use another tool to dig potatoes with :potato::ok_hand:


It would be also fine if the shovel just would have a much longer life span! It’s used for so many things… can’t we make it live longer in any way? Or repair it in some way?

The last vein I picked just had 8 iron… and that day we used up more than 8 shovels :sweat_smile: felt kinda unfair.


Wow, that’s crazy! :scream:

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Okay maybe it took two days :joy: but it felt unfair nevertheless


What if dogs can have the ability to dig? If you have a tamed dog you press on a tile and then you can say „dog dig“. When there’s a big rock, it digs up the rock. When there’s a row of potato it digs up a potato. When there’s a stump, it digs out the stump. Empty clay pit / empty reed… you get the clay / adobe. When there’s just ground it digs a hole (3 more times and it’s a grave). When it’s on a tombstone it digs out the flat rock… and so on. It is still expensive, cause you need to have a loyal dog, but it could save some shovel uses. And dogs are even more useful this way.

Also when a schnauzer digs for hidden treasures, it would be nice if the dug out blueberries can be replanted somewhere else and don’t vanish at all


Just realized i made this topic before. So i wont start a new one. Maybe someone has a new point of view on this:

Shovels are used so heavily. No other steel tool has so many purposes like a shovel. I feel like making 3 shovels every life :wink:

I thought maybe a pickaxe could be used to dig up stones or for get rid of tree trunks.

Do you have any idea how other steel tools could be used instead of the shovel?

Time to upgrade. Instead of steel , other harder material ( still have no idea which metal is stronger) that can be collected like copper ( should we mix them? Because two metals combining with each other in science sometimes form something stronger ) should be used in the tech tree. After all , we don’t see much radio in not so advanced village.