An idea for charcoal pits

Charcoals a highly important resource for civilizations in YAH. But we never seem to have enough when it comes to newcomman machines especially for oil extraction and purifying. So i was thinking we should have a way to produce larger quantitys of it. Then i realised we have pits now so why not make a charcoal pit lol.

Charcoal pit:
Put four but logs and four kindling in pit

Two sawn straight shafts combigned together on top to make teepee like structure add another kindeling or a rope to make it a structure like thing.

Add adobe then light it. After its done use a pick axe on it to get the adobe back and then there will be a pile of carcoal in a hill that you use baskets to take charcoal from.

It should provide about twelve baskets of charcoal since it uses four but logs and four kindeling. Im counting the but logs as two kindling each.

Once the pit is empty it could be refilled with wood again or be filled with water.

Or it could just be kindling used lol but since its an after iron tech and would mainly be used for newcoman machines i think itd be better to have the harder recource consumed


I like it why not at cristoffer