Anarchy weekend event sugestion

So what if we had an event server where every body is an eve or adam like in the no child server and they spawn with a backpack a knife and 3 pies.

The banishment system is removed for that event and the normal eternal cites roads are availiable.

O.O why does this sound so fun to me lmao


Because murder is fun, as long as it’s deserved, or it’s in a sacrificial society, or it’s in an event that’s about murdering people. XD Speaking of which, as far as I know, we haven’t had a weekend event in months. What’s up with that?! And there should always be an event over the weekend, even if it’s one of the ones we already had. It should alternate every weekend between ones that we have already had until a new one comes along, and it alternates ALL the weekend events like a cycle, and we should be able to play weekend events every weekend. That would be fun and cool.