Animal Attacks

I’ve noticed that quite often, you’ll be attacked by an animal if you were previously standing on a tile that they move to, even if you’ve already moved away, and by considerable distance. This mostly happens with wolves. I’ve lost many eve spawns while traveling, never once running into an animal, but still ending up mauled. I’ve even had two occasions where there wasn’t an animal in sight, on safe ground, and was somehow attacked.

It’s possible, ofc, that this could be explained away by lag. But it happens so often, even during rounds where lag isn’t really an issue.

I’m sure not much can be done about it, but it is very annoying and I did want to call attention to it, just on the off chance that there may be a solution.


This has happened to me quite often. It’s mostly with the wolves. It could also be a server lag.

I think that’s caused due to latency.

It seems to be caused by latency.

Something you can do to help not be attacked by animal lag is to move from item to item when traveling through dangerous bioms. Also if you do see an animal in the area wait for them to move first then run to the next item after they stop.

Also an animal will never run onto you unless you have moved onto the spot they were moving to or if they have no other availiable direction to run to. The only exeptions are bears, semi tamed animals, and mosquitos.

Animals move up to five tiles in any direction and cannot land in a difreant bioms.