Animals Updates

I was thinking about some changes that we could imply in the following updates.
In this perticular case i focused myself on animals and their food and clothing.
Rather to come up with something new, i thought adding on to what we already have.
I have only thought about this for an hour and already came up with these suggestions.
I havent thought wide and bright about it yet, but i can see many possibilitys in the future.

-Turkey's: Make it able so we can breed turkey's, and harvest their skin.
How: put a carrot and corn in a bowl and crush them with a flint chip.
Then in the future we can add different kinds of food, feathered or "camouflaged" clothing.

-Dogs: Give them the abillity to attack a bear, this way they are usefull and fun to have around.
for instance lets say that a dog is equal to 1 arrow, then you will need to "sacrifice" 3 dogs to save your village from a bear attack.

-Bear: Make it able so we can make a bear hat out of it, like the wolf hat.
Give it a climate protection so its both functional and a sign of victory.

-Goose: Adding more coocking recipes for its meat like "goose nuggets" and adding more egg recipes.

-pigs: Adding more coocking recipes, make it able to skin them.

-Cows: Make it able we can collect their hide and meat.
Future: We can add many coocking recipes, and we can make another full set of clothing from cowhides.

(Btw also was thinking of making 2 types of leather, soft leather for the cow and hard leather for the pig, this way we have more different options in the future.)

As you can see we will have lots of different type of clothing so its more likely that there will be less naked people walking around, and countless coocking recipes without changing the game but extending it.
I left the sheep,rabbit and snake out because i personally think they have all the necessery options. I also was thinking about adding a goat but it would just have the same options as the cow and the sheep combined.

Feel free to share your opinion,point of view or improvements.
Love King C


I definitely agree on having more variety of clothing, I’m tired of seeing my grandmother naked.


yup, for the hard/soft leather we can hv more shoes. I love shoes !

maybe we can add a fence kit with a core, so we can put the whole pig on the fence kit to get new food like roast pig? really hope more recipes of pig can be added :blush:


Yes any new content would be very important to keeping people interested. I’m wanting armor to protect ourselves against animals or bows. Or even a chance it could stop an attack once.

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