Pretty much bought this game for no reason because I have one bad experience with a toxic player convincing a bunch of people to ban me for no reason. I never get to explain myself cause I can only speak one word. And they murder me as a baby which is what I did to get banned. Please take my bans off.

oh…Poor man, I want this update too

We should not punish anyone with just one ban against them. I had a baby with 1 ban and they played just fine.

Maybe the notation should only be visible once the number reaches 2 or 3…a repeat offender is fair game, but it seems too easy to get one ban for questionable reasons.


Same. I’d say 2 bans is pushing it but a one ban is usually because that player is new and doesn’t know how to play well so they accidentally upset other players and then get banned.

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I had this rude mother that called me lots of bad names because I didn’t know how to drop the rock when it was just my game glitching and wouldn’t let me drop it

:confused: :confounded: People should not be so rude and impatient. We ALL struggle with communication in this game, since the keyboard blocks half the screen and it’s nearly impossible to say what you need to in the few words you get early on. Those communication issues result in lots of misunderstandings and potential unfair bans.