Annoying griefers

Good thing i didnt make this town but always feel bad for the people who do.


yea!! Like why even play if you just ruin the experience. People spend so much time building towns.

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Oh I was in this town yesterday after the sheep were dead. I made the pen bigger and got new sheep, but sadly I was the last woman and just got two afk boys… So we died out. But if someone returns to this place, sheep are there again. Sad nevertheless that someone killed all…

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Those griefers find it fun to ruin the good experience of others. That is how they get their satisfaction.

They also feed on the anger of others. If you insult them, that makes them feel good that they were able to ruin your experience and get you riled up.

Was it the wolf family? Lisa wolf killed the sheep and tried to blame my mom Olivia. When she was caught she stole the horse.


Yes too often!

you’re right. That’s why i immediatly ditched the town so that i wouldn’t have to deal with it.

Omg that’s so sad! I always banish afkers so i dont birth them for 30 days lol

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Doesn’t that also send them to Donkey Town (simply because their battery died or their WiFi stopped working)?

At least it prevents false banishment and less chaotic arguments! :slight_smile:

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In cases where people are clearly griefing and causing trouble its difficult to get them banished.Even in a town with many players be it players not interested or they don’t know how to banish. Maybe they cursed someone last life . The id system is great not sure if lots of people know how to use it. Also if someone is cursed by you for whatever your reasons are they wont go to donkey town they just wont play with you for a month…

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Teach them how to use the banishment system and the ID system.

Yea sometimes people will banish for no reason other than they dislike the person sometimes ita good to require more than one person to banish. Also one banish wint send them to dknkey town a lot of the people i banish are born and wait untik they are 3 to tell me they “have to go” and then leave afk to be a strain on the town.

What if they genuinely have to go though? If their intentions aren’t malicious, then that doesn’t seem very fair.

Maybe there should be an easy way to commit suicide if you have to go or something like that. :thinking:

They might feel suspicious of other players (or maybe an altercation happened in the background unbeknownst to the other townspeople).

People have their reasons to banish, but other people might not know the reason.

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yea i stopped doing that i kind of thought about it a little. I’d rather save my banishment for someone else i guess

Yeah, the full blown griefers are worth saving your tokens for.

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I know that feeling… :pleading_face:

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yes thats enough.
you need 3 bans from different players for repeat offenders.
and 5 bans from different players for first offenders.

each ban last for 1 month. so you should be protected for 1 month.


I would like to ban if u still have their ID around!

There was also a griefer going around framing people using the ID system. It might’ve been the same person.