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  1. I was playing on us1 the other day and someone shot a person with the bow and couldn’t move properly, maybe we should make it that it only happens with the knife because idk how blood would get on the bow, plus it is really annoying when I kill someone with the bow.
  2. Bush fires, I was thinking we should add bush fires into the game, which can be caught by
    • lightning if added
    • camp fires if you put to much wood on it
    •using firebrands on trees
    It could be spread with
    • wind if added
    And you could take the fires out with bowls of water and if their was more spots on fire you could use 1 unit of water in a bucket every time to take out one block of fire
  • Remove killing penalty with bows
  • Bushfires
  • None
  • Both

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God damnit so many people voted none

Logically speaking , we are trying to make it so less people will grief so 1 is already a no no. Yup, we don’t encourage killing.
Oh ya , I forget , err, when you kill with bow , it is much harder to save the victim which means higher chance of death compared to the knife . It may be easier to kill with knife but for knife ,the victim is easier to save. So , I guess, no change as it balance it off.
Secondly, having fires in game just makes it harder. Hey , put too much wood and it starts the fire ,now our berry trees are on fire , then whole village ? It is hard to measure how much is too much wood as we don’t know when is the last time someone add wood. What about suggesting helpful recipes like how to make a plane , new food or so on? Don’t rush yourself. I have a lot of ideas too . Everyone wants to suggest something too.

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I like the idea of removing the speed penalty after killing with a bow. Or maybe cutting the speed penalty in half. Still shouldnt be able to use items for a bit though.