Ant colony (weekly event Idea)

This is rough idea and I don’t even bother to workout the detail because basically YAH or OHOL is already looks like Ant colony. But what if we actually can be like an ant and live like an ant?

This is basically like the eternal city event. But with a twist:

  1. Queen. The only one can breed is the queen and her children is always infertile girl (just like ant).
  2. Her children could be worker, guard, or nurse.
  3. In certain times. The queen will born a baby boy at the age (40) and that’s when the queen is no longer produce more baby.
  4. The boy could stay and claim another workers to be a new queen or took one of them to move to new place and start a new life.

Like I said, Yah is somehow already looks like an ant colony. So that’s why I didn’t think this idea in detail.