Anti Baby Pill

I thought about a Anti Baby Pill for eves who dont want to have babys. It should be a little hard to make so that only advanced players can make it. There should be a baby pill as well to get Babys again. I think this would prevent players go get abadonded and Eves to have to abadond too much kids. What do you think?


Its a nice idea, some of the more advanced players seem to abandon early on just to find and get a home established… later on they then want the kids.

To bad there wasn’t a button for if you want kids or not… kind of a switch so you can have it to yes but if you’re to far from home you can turn it off just til you get back… or just until you’ve started a home, then the kids can come.
Maybe even have where you can turn it back on before the child is 3 if you don’t need a cool down and there is enough food…


I like the switch idea as well. I think but griefer would use it for ending family lines in early stage if they wanted to. That’s why I thought about a pill which isn’t that easy to make. Or this switch option could be only able for eves or something?


I think it’s good because it’s not mandatory.
I hope it will be updated.:blush:

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What if a baby is born while make making pill, which is supposed yo have a little complicated process? I think similar outcome can be expected, if eve does not have baby until she build homemarker. What do you say?

I think a homemarker is needed to find the way back to the choosed home spot. If a eve is gathering recourses for starting a village she needs a homemarker but isn’t ready to get a baby it’s not good. I think a switch is a very cool idea, maybe a anti baby pill for advanced players which only want to play with their friends as well. Because if they are reborn to their daughters, they wouldn’t have the switch since they are no eves anymore.

I think it’s a good idea in that the solo player will not kill the baby.
I couldn’t understand what level “preparation for starting a village” was.

I don’t think need a pill to play with friends.
Because there is a friend server.
Those who have purchased a server to play with friends and those who have not.
If these two can play exactly the same way, I wonder it.

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Then maybe just a anti baby pill which lasts until death and time for turning on the switch is limited and only available for eves? I don’t want to make solo play or friends play more interesting for players on public servers, but people get abandoned too much and have no fun in playing because of this. Maybe a switch could be only available for players who already have rent an server?

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Switch is for-sure decisitive option, i agree. But that, at the same time, it is one of the reasons i am not in favor, because it reduces the chances of unexpected, which i think is one of the important factors we enjoy while playing this game. And if the eve decided a place to build home which she cannot return while collecting basic start-ups, i think the choice is not very right. I think at the initial stage, nobody travels so far that she needs homemarker to return the base.


I would have to disagree about not needing a homemarker while collecting initial startups. When i play as eve i tend to do a lot of looking around very quickly. Making sure if i want to spend multiple lives in the area i mean that i check to make sure there’s a jungle plenty of clay, nearby iron source, at least three ponds preferably 5-10 etc as an eve. Other wise you may end up struggling to keep the town alive for many hours only to have people fighting starving and have nothing but heartache and a headache.

So to me its essential to have a homemarker as an eve to be able to effectively check for these things before you cant have anymore babys


Maybe it could be a plant that we could find. Use a round stone on it and eat it to prevent pregnancy for a few minutes. Like a natural birth control herbal medicine. That way it fits into the games aesthetics while still being an effective baby stopper.

If we could also grow it it would be great lol. But we shouldnt be able to feed it to other players or griefers would abuse it lmao


If the only purpose is to increase the initial preparation time for Eve, I suggest making Eve a little younger.
Given that children die from beasts and reset marathons, it is not advisable to reduce the age of childbirth.
If there are other uses, I think birth control medicine is better.

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I think it’s a good idea. Eve who doesn’t want children, Eve who wants children, and child users can be used to avoid suffering. To prevent griefers, Birth control pills should only be eaten by Eve. It should be possible to collect in nature for Eve before build a town. For eves who has town pills should be able to grow in town. There should also be a time limit, after which time the child can be reborn.

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