Anti- killing grief idea?

So I was thinking. When you kill a griefer to get rid of them, chances are, you are not killing more than one. Maybe two on some occasions.

When a griefer kills innocent players, they usually go on sprees.

If you dont already know what I’m getting at here, I think that you should only be able to kill one or two players, so that murderers cant go on sprees and innocent players are able to rid their town of evil griefers.

Let me know what you think can stop griefers.

Not going to work. Say, there’s 2 griever and 2 good person. One griever show up and killed one good people, the griever may not be able to kill again. Then the remaining good people killed the griever. They continue their lives and another griever show up, but they can’t kill this second griever because they already use it.

I’m afraid it will be like peace lily problem where it supposed to protect villagers but protecting the griever instead.

Logically, that doesn’t make sense.