Anyone find it hard to found a good spot for new village?

I haven’t been playing YAH for a long time, I think probably about 6 months and I was surprised by so many new updates. They even have noodle that we asked. :smile:

But the last three days of playing, I found it hard to find a good spot for the new village. Every time I become eve, the grassfield is not near swamp. Or there’s a swamp without pond nearby. Or sometimes I can’t even found a big grassfield.

Any idea how to find a good spot easier?


Not easier. But if your playing on a low pop server i do have a recomendation. Make a basket and get a seal skin to wear also make a reed skirt then spend an whole 60 min life searching for the perfect location with all the bioms near each other. Make sure theres a lot of rabbits and wild berry bushes and for the swamp you really only need about 3-4 ponds as long as you properly upgrade them. Then start your camp there.

If you save your eve spawn there you can slowly evolve your camp into a city as long as you dont lose your spawn :slight_smile:


We need an easier to find alternate to ponds.

Sometimes it’s just up to the luck of the draw. I always look for locations away from any huge tundra since that is a lot of wasted space you have to go through to get the resources you need. I’m not so picky with how close to water I am or how much dirt there is. In the end you can just make a cistern near you and compost near you. Aswell a horse with cart helps immensely when gathering objects to bring back.


my strategie is to get a horse as quick as i can. this can be managed in 1 or 2 lifes. and in the next life i will look for a good place to settle down. maybe this strategy will only work in low populated servers.


If u want u can join the mega city I’m building @Virunthanwa

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Which server is that?

Us 1