Did anyone reset the eu server…?

There’s two kind of apocalipse in pc version. I’m not sure about phone version. The old version reset all the server, it’s very easy to trigger but fortunately jason has took off that version and changed it to the new one. the new version only reset current server. I’m not sure about apocalipse in phone version. Phone version is based on pc version so i think it will used the new apocalipse event.

As far as I know, there’s not much people playing in ue server, so a lot of new village would pop up and we get higher chances playing as eve. It best playing solo if not a lot of people playing there.

Yes idk if thats a thing in mobile version, and im pretty sure the server wasnt reset because someone rang a bell somewhere while i was playing just now…the thing is that i just lost 20h of work, played yesterday and today during the morning, and when i came back i spawn in a different place…really game?!

You do the solo challenge?
Yes. I played solo challenge too but hell, someone ringing the bell as i played just now.

About the apocalipse, i ever met someone talking about the apocalipse. She made a crown for the horse and one gold ingot. She need 2 more but she’s old already. I guess she failed. I’m not sure how she would feel when found out that the apocalipse didn’t trigger that way.

I was playing alone, dont know about any challenge but ok

I rang bell in Eu. Sorry if it ruined your spawn. Possibly a bug?

Not a bug. If someone rings the bell, our save from the last lifespawn as an eve will deleted. Meaning, our solo challenge will be deleted too.

:grimacing: we should communicate to prevent that from happening in the future.

I dont think thats the case since what is saved in server is the position where you died and not the home marker of your previous eve, and i know ive been playing like this while other ppl had cities and i ear them ringing the bell and ive always been able to come back. The wiki says that you will be able to respawn if you died of old age while being an eve unless theres 4 or more other fertile eves playing on that server at the time you press start, which im pretty sure there werent even that many ppl online when i started playing but well im not that sure…

But what actually happens if there are 4 or more fertile players?? My eve position gets reset or i will only be able to spawn as a baby while thats the case? I really dont get it…

I’m pretty sure there’s only one in the mobile version.

The bell never affected my eve spawn. Prob a bug. It did before the eve update

Yeah. I mean,not that one to trigger the apocalipse.