Application is not installed

Don’t know why … this is all it does and then it says application is not installed
This just started happening a few hours ago, idk if it’s my phone or what… was so ready to play.

Did you update the app yet?

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Nope and how

You should be able to go to the app store to update it there on Android. Im not sure how to do it on iOS though

I’m on android and it doesn’t say I can update it

Help pls?

Updated from test flight if you on iOS device

I have android any ideas?

Lol you have updated already


I don’t know why it is saying that but you have already updated I think you should ask christoffer

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Maybe the server is under maintenance? Is it working for you?
Anyways I replied to a topic he started hoping to hear from him,thanks for your time and help!

I was having the same issue. Got on by going through Google play but now when I do that it’s just does this (see below). So hopefully they are fixing it.

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Oh, well that makes sense lol

Same problem over here.
Iphone 6s Plus: IOS 11.4.1

I also played twoo hours ago and everything was good at that moment.

Me to i also updated it and tried log on got the very same message that it either in main or i got crapy network which i even restarted device and checked background apps

I keep getting this…

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Same here

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Uh oh. I just went into the app and now it’s not working for me any nore

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Im 100% that the severs are down…

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Same problem

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